Friday, September 20, 2013

Elaine's Surgery Update

Another Friday, another surgery. We were back at Newport Orthopedic Institute for another procedure. This was the second attempt to ease the pain in Elaine's shoulder. The surgeon was hoping that her rotator cuff wasn't torn, but he wouldn't know until he was in there. Fortunately, once the incision was made it was confirmed that there was no tear and the surgeon could focus on reshaping the ball and socket joint to reduce bone on bone friction (and reduce the discomfort in the process).

Elaine showed up early this morning to check in. She, as usual, had a great attitude and was ready for some serious relief. This paints a pretty good picture of her attitude. Elaine's biggest concern was, "Please make sure they don't ruin my eyelashes!"

Elaine headed home at around noon following an approximately 90 minute procedure. She has been in some pretty serious pain all day. It is worth repeating that Elaine is easily the toughest person on the planet. She is taking this surgery head on as she has with every obstacle that she has faced over the past two years. It also bears repeating that Fred is the other toughest person on the earth. Despite the fact that he hasn't been sleeping because of pain in his legs, he was up and upbeat this morning ready to cheer on the love of his life. He is ready to continue on his doctor duties. He is well versed in giving injections, drawing blood, cleaning wounds. and whatever else is asked of him!

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