Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Shoulder Surgery . . . that worked!

At the crack of dawn this morning (Friday), Fred and Elaine dragged themselves out of bed and shuffled to their car to drive over to the local surgery center. Now, it may seem like Elaine is trying to earn loyalty points from this place. Of course, her goal is just to get better.

Now that it is over, we are happy to report that the surgery should make life easier. Apparently,  Elaine had a big chunk of bone causing real problems around the nerves in her shoulder. According to surgeon, fixing this should allow for some serious relief!

Elaine and Fred are back at home catching up on much needed rest. Tomorrow is the first day of recovery for Elaine that is expected to take a couple months. We are very hopeful that this recovery results in a pain-free Elaine!

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