Sunday, November 11, 2012


Elaine and Fred had a great trip to the desert. Elaine really felt like going to the desert helped her and will continue to help her heal. She never felt very comfortable driving around Newport since they had  not spent very much time here. She came back in January, in the late afternoon and had her stroke the next morning. She has spent the last nine months, initially being confused as to what happened, going from hospital to rehab hospital, to Pelican Hill, to her new home. She hasn't driven since her stroke and basically been getting in the car to see a doctor or go to therapy, with a few trips for burgers and shakes:) Elaine said she felt so comfortable in the desert, her  brain felt more at ease, and she knew exactly where she was going, never feeling lost of confused. The desert is healing! She loved seeing so many friends, looks forward to seeing more, and was so happy to see Fred getting out as well. She also learned from the new therapist, that when her left leg or arm start to shake, and she can't help it or stop it, its a good sign. It is the brain creating new passage ways. It was a wonderful few days for them both and they are so grateful to have such incredible friends down there. They can't wait to come back down there!

Tonight we were so excited to see Richie back in Newport! It are thrilled that he is back for the next few months and we are anxious to see Julie too. They have always been such an important part of our lives and we all love spending time with them! The kids are especially excited to see Bella! We went to dinner at Big Canyon for pasta night. Elaine walked up and down the stairs tonight, not using the elevator at all! She looked beautiful, as usual. Elaine is working really hard to gain her confidence back. She was doing so well and then one day, without reason, she woke up fearful. She is fearful that she is going to fall, and she won't! She is very stable and very strong. She, on her own decided to walk the stairs tonight and walked at a swift pace and used both legs to step. Her courage and determination is incredible and inspiring!

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