Monday, November 12, 2012


It was a back-to-work kind of Monday for Elaine. She started with some intensive therapy from Diane where she and Fred heard some great news. According to Diane, Elaine's shoulder is essentially unfrozen. Her mobility is almost all the way back which means that the scar tissue has been broken down. Of course, she still has the burning pain, but we will take victories where we can get them. This photo really demonstrates the extent of Elaine's recovery!

Following the success at physical therapy, they went to see the neurologist. He was really happy with how well Elaine was doing, compared to how miserable she was last week. The pain patch is working! Things are definitely headed in the right direction, which is exciting for us all!

After the doctor, Elaine headed to the mall with Fred for some retail therapy. They helped the economy along by stopping by Lulu Lemon for a while. Then they headed to find some new Ugg boots now that the weather has turned. When we think about normalcy, we think of Elaine at the mall - we guess that today was a nice return to normalcy!

After shopping, Fred and Elaine headed over to the Francois house for their regular Monday night dinner. Tonight was special with Richie and his son Nick in town. The kids had a blast with everyone over - and the night ended with Brian throwing a dance party for himself!

It was a long day and we are sure that Elaine is exhausted. Hopefully, she gets some sleep tonight!

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