Monday, January 30, 2012


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Today has been the scariest day of our lives. Life changes in an instant. I will bring you up to date with what we know now and should know a lot more tomorrow. 

This morning Elaine suffered from a massive stroke while working out at her gym in Newport Coast. Thankfully, Tim and Kyle from Living Fitness recognized the signs immediately and called 911 (probably saving her life). One of Staci's close friends (Kristin) happened to be at the gym and called Staci right away so she was able to ride in the ambulance with her mom to Hoag Hospital. On the way to the hospital, Elaine was given a dose of magnesium called FastMag which is part of a clinical trial through UCLA. We aren't 100% sure if she received the medicine or the placebo, but the nurses at the ICU seem pretty convinced that she got the real thing and that it really helped. 

She arrived in the ER early enough to receive TPA (clot busting drug) via IV (which apparently only happens for less than 3% of stroke victims).  Ben and Staci stayed with her in the ER while Fred made it from the Vintage to Hoag in 1 hour and 23 minutes.  When he arrived, he was so happy to see her alive that he exclaimed that this was the most beautiful he had ever seen her look. 

We have had to add in one lighter moment of the day. We were in the ER and the doctors and nurses were attending to her, frantically trying to get her hooked up to monitors. One of the nurses turned to Staci and quietly said, "Is it ok if we cut her shirt off?"

Staci said, "Of course, whatever you need to do."

At that point, Elaine, who hadn't said much yet, stated for everyone to hear, "DO NOT CUT MY WHITE SHIRT." 

She's a fighter and has already defied the odds with her recovery. This morning she was completely paralyzed on her left side from head to toe. She has gradually gained strength and is at about 50-60% now, which is incredible considering where she was and what the doctors thought. Her will to fight and her strength are amazing. She is in ICU for the night and they will hopefully transfer her to the stoke unit tomorrow. We don't know how long she will be there or what lies ahead but we will get through this. We should know much more tomorrow. 

Please keep all the thoughts, prayers and wishes coming.  I'm reading her to them and I know it helps. 

Thank you again for your concern. It means the world to us.

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