Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello everyone. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people who care so much about Elaine. Although we have never written a blog before, we think that this is the simplest way to update all of you on Elaine's progress. Thank you for caring. Thank you for sending thoughts and prayers her way. We make sure that she hears every single message that has been sent.

One housekeeping item before we get started.  Elaine received dozens of flower arrangements today, and they were all so beautiful, so thoughtful, and so appreciated.  They literally filled the room.  The nurses of 3 East had never seen anything like it in all of their collective careers. These nurses are dying to know if she is famous.  Elaine told them that she is!!!

Unfortunately, due to a respiratory fungal and bacterial infection, she cannot have flowers in her room any longer.  She (and we) are SOOOO grateful to all of you who have sent flowers, but sadly her doctors have requested that her loving friends and family not send additional flowers.

January 30th - Today was Fred & Elaine's 37th wedding anniversary.  They made the best of it by celebrating with Elaine's favorite - butter cake and ice cream from Mastro's.

Elaine has a huge team of concerned doctors including a neurologist, a pulmonologist, a cardiologist, an oncologist, an ENT, an infectious disease specialist, and an internist.  We are doing our best to understand the right way to fight the battles in front of her.  We mentioned previously that the situation is fluid and changes almost hourly.  That certainly continued today. Elaine went into the day expecting two days of blood thinner then a biopsy on her lung on Wednesday. That plan changed when the doctor recommended aspirin instead of blood thinner for fear of a brain bleed. She has an MRI scheduled tomorrow to see how much of the clot has dissolved.  That scan will determine when the biopsy will happen.

Back to the fungal infection for a minute.  This is something that was found in her nose by her ENT in the desert.  The pulmonologist believes that this fungus could be the cause of the spot on her lung. We are optimistically hoping he is right about that.

Ashley, our friend from the desert, surprised Elaine today. As many of your know, Ashley is fighting a battle of her own against cancer.  Elaine has called Ashley her inspiration, and she was overwhelmed when Ashley walked through the door.  They had a wonderful visit complete with laughter, hugs, and tears.

Thank you again for all of your thoughts, well wishes, love, and prayers. Elaine relies on each and every one of you for inspiration and strength.  Elaine can receive emails nows so please send her encouraging messages to

Elaine is the strongest and most determined person we have ever come across.  We know full well that she will tackle any obstacle in her way!

Another Elaine Joke of the Day. The therapist was working with her on some cognitive drills by asking simple questions.

Therapist: Does Congress elect the President?
Elaine: No. The people do, but sometimes they make mistakes.
Elaine: What? Do you disagree with me?
Therapist: This isn't a political discussion. Next question.

She is definitely keeping everyone on their toes!

Thank you. We love you. We appreciate you.

Fred, Ben, and Staci


  1. Happy Anniversary Fred & Elaine! Here's to many many more! We love you and send love & prayers .....♥ The Lilores

  2. Hello from George Tudor's sister in NC. I was so sorry to hear about Elaine's illness, but it sounds like she has great help and great support and a great will to kick this stuff out the door. Ben and Staci - I told my mom, you know what that means. Serious Catholic prayers coming your way!!!

    Take care.

    Cecilia and Family