Monday, January 30, 2012


Again, thank you all so much for the continued love, support and prayers. We truly are overwhelmed by how many people we have heard from -  so thank you. Again, please continue to forward on the email. Thanks!

We her moved out of ICU and into her room this evening so that is great. She lost pretty much all mobility in her left arm and leg last night and that continued through the day. They did an MRI to make sure it wasn't another stoke and it wasn't, but the MRI confirmed that the original strike was massive. 

The clot was caused by her heart, and it is still there. After careful consideration, they (specifically her cardiologist) have decided she needs to go on a blood thinner to try and prevent a rebound stroke. They will start that tomorrow morning which will delay the biopsy until at least Wednesday. 

She is scared and angry, but determined to fight. She really likes her oncologist and we all feel very comfortable with her extensive team of doctors. The oncologist was positive, quick to remind her that we have no idea what she has and that based on what they can see, whatever "it" is, doesn't appear to have spread outside the lung area. They have come so far in medicine and we need to stay positive. So each hour brings something new so I try and update at the end of the day. She is fighting and encouraged by your love and prayers. We had the Greek priest come in and give her a blessing, as well as a blessing from the missionaries. Thank you to all that lit candles, said prayers, offered her mass, and are thinking about her.

As for her stroke recovery, what they told us today, which I am sure will change hourly like everything else, is that she will stay in the hospital on the stroke floor for the next 10 days or so. After that, we will move her to the best local rehabilitation center for the next "several weeks" - whatever that means. We don't listen to their odds or numbers they throw at us. We know know she is strong and determined. We know she is surrounded by so much love and prayer and most importantly she wants to get better, and she will! We brought the kids in to see her today and they were incredible with her. They held her hand and gave her strength. Christi wants to spend every minute with her and I know they will be additional incentive for her to get better and stronger. 

Tomorrow is a new day. I keep praying we will walk in that hospital room and her spunky self will jump out of bed and be ready to go shopping. Don't take one second for granted and hug your loved ones tight. Life changes in an instant. We are taking good care of her and one of us is with her 24 hours a day and will be every day of her recovery. 

Our dear friend who is battling cancer and has been an incredible inspiration to us, wrote about my mom today. My mom has been talking about her constantly to nurses and getting strength from her. Ashley and my mom are two of the strongest people I know who we can all learn so much from. Please add her to your prayers as well and read what she wrote today and her incredible story. ( 

Through all of this, my mom is certainly keeping her sense of humor. She wanted to let everyone know two things:
1) Don't exercise. It causes strokes.
2) She is (partly in Ashley's honor) planning on eating donuts everyday in an effort to get FAT. 

We love you all. Thank you to friends near and far. 

Fred, Ben and Staci

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  1. These updates are amazing and so appreciated! Thank you for keeping us who care for Elaine, in the loop. These blogs have me in tears from worry an uncertainty, hopeful to hear about Elaine's tenacious courage as she fights to get better, and laughter from Elaine's sense of humor. As Mike says..."Elaine is an amazing lady." That's an understatement. Daily prayers and love to you all! Thank you again for this blog and allowing us to be a part of your journey to recovery. LOVE that the girls got to teary after reading that part. I have no doubt the "Fight On" motto is STRONG in that hospital room. XOXO The Lilores