Monday, December 3, 2012


Elaine has had a good week. She really got a lot of rest over the weekend, and that helps her out so much mentally and physically. Sunday morning, Ben and Brian dropped off bagels and coffee. Brian reached for Nammie and she grabbed him and held him. He was so excited that she was holding him. He cuddled on her shoulder and just laid there. It was really neat. We all went back over later in the afternoon and Elaine was dancing to Christmas music with Brian and transferring weight to each foot. It was so much fun to watch! We all feel like she has had a week of noticeable improvements.

We aren't the only ones that felt that way. Diane continues to be impressed with Elaine's shoulder and arm. She is able able to do so much more with her arm and her shoulder is much more mobile. Her muscles are still weak, and she needs to work on her muscle tone now that she has such an increased range of motion. Elaine also has some new exercises to work on independently at home to strengthen her lower body, especially her left leg. This week she is going to focus on bridging, and sitting in a chair and standing up, not holding on to anything. This is something she was doing really well at before summer, and then she lost her confidence.

Today Fred and Elaine went to the orthopedic doctor. He gave Fred a shot in his knee. He couldn't believe how much Elaine had improved since last time he saw her. She is able to get weight on to her toes now when we walks. She still struggles with putting weight on her right heel. We know she will get it though. Its truly remarkable to see how far she has come. It seems like forever for Elaine, and we understand that, but she has made so much progress and continues to work so hard! She certainly has the most dedicated caretaker! Fred is going through a lot right now, and he continues to focus on Elaine. He has yet to feel sorry for himself. It is something we all think about daily, but Fred's courageous attitude keep us all calm. In a time when he should be leaning on us for support, he is the one keeping us calm as he continues to call himself "indestructible."

It always seems that we couldn't be more proud or impressed by Fred and Elaine. They keep us in awe everyday at their love, their commitment to each other, and support for each other. They are people we learn from daily and draw so much inspiration from. Life is constantly put in perspective. We all get bogged down by the day to day of life, but despite the challenges this year has presented for our family, we have learned so much about each other! We are inspired by the way Fred and Elaine have handled the hand they have been dealt, their unconditional love, the endless determination of Elaine, the ultimate cheerleader in Fred! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

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