Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Today's post is about Elaine's continued exceptional progress with therapy and Pilates. Her Pilates instructor is so encouraged by Elaine's determination. They worked hard today at getting Elaine's left arm (Little Darlin') back into the mix. The instructor thinks that Elaine needs to continue move her arm and shoulder in regular daily life.

With that in mind, Elaine will be wearing a splint at night while she sleeps to prevent her arm from folding toward her body. While she is awake, she will focus on keeping her arm straight while walking and working to continuously spread out her fingers.

All of this will help Elaine achieve her instructor's goal of getting Elaine back on the golf course this summer! We know that Elaine will work harder than anyone toward that goal!

Thanks to all of those who requested orange and pink bracelets. We will send a few to the fitness center at the Vintage for those of you down in the desert. They should be there by Friday or Saturday!

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