Thursday, December 27, 2012


Unlike the night before, the Smith household was sleepless in Newport last night. That is a tough way to start the day, but they fought through it. Elaine was able to drive her OWN car today for the first time in almost a year. She was SO excited and she drove great. After three or four more lessons, she will be ready to drive on her own. They practice by driving her most likely routes - the gym, Starbucks, the mall, the grocery store, etc.

After driving, Fred came back home to take Elaine to lunch but she was too tired. So, instead she took a much deserved nap. Then, she headed to Pilates. Unfortunately, her arm was incredibly sore today after yesterday's intense workout. She spent the time stretching, a little STEM, and some lower body exercises. The Pilates instructor LOVES working with Elaine because she loves how hard Elaine works and how hard she has worked to get where she is today. The instructor is big on tough love so she wants Elaine to be more independent (and not have Fred help her so much).

This afternoon, Staci and the kids came by to visit. As usual, they were so happy to see Nammie and Ampa. They noticed that Elaine looks great - more like herself than ever before!

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