Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The Smith house slept well and had a good day! Elaine and Fred were up early to do Elaine's arm exercises and balance work. She continues to improve, and she sees the improvement!! Then she headed out for her last day in the "student driver" car. She did great and went out on the freeway again. Tomorrow, the instructor has decided that they will go out in her car, which she hasn't driven in almost a year. She is feeling really excited. Her biggest challenge is incorporating her left hand into the action. She still reaches over to use her right hand to hit the turn signal, but today she actually recognized that she was doing it, which is a big step. Elaine is really excited to be out on the roads and anxiously awaiting her freedom behind the wheel!

After her morning of driving, she relaxed for a few hours before going to Pilates. She worked a lot on her arm, increasing her mobility and doing weights and pulleys. The instructor told her she was in for a big day, and Elaine was feeling sore after it. She was excited to do more challenging,  "advanced" (Elaine's buzz word) exercises. We are hoping she won't be to sore tomorrow!

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