Friday, October 5, 2012


Elaine's shoulder has been hurting again. It is a combination of reducing her pain medication as well as the therapist pushing her a bit to hard. Elaine had therapy today and told her about the increased pain. She took responsibility and said that she has in fact been pushing her and that she will ease off. It is an injury that takes time, and will not get better if you push it, only time! Elaine also went to hard on the bike yesterday, doing it for 20 minutes instead of 10, as instructed.

After therapy, Elaine and Vangie met Staci and Taylor for lunch at CPK, followed by some shopping. Elaine is absolutely exhausted tonight and going to bed early. She didn't sleep well last night because of her arm. Vangie is also tried, trying to keep up with Elaine. Vangie was impressed with Elaine's improvement, especially mentally. She last saw her the end of July. They are having a nice time together. There is nothing like a sister:)

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