Saturday, October 6, 2012


Elaine had an interesting day. She woke up at 2, to her alarm going on, thinking it was time to get up. She showered and ate breakfast. She started yelling for her sister Vangie, to wake up too. Vangie heard her about 4 and panicked running down the stairs to see what was wrong. Elaine said, "come on sleepy head, we have to get to the gym and then to the soccer game!" Vangie said told Elaine it was 4am. Elaine promptly went back to sleep!

When Elaine woke up at 7, she was exhausted. She managed to torture her arm, and they still came to Christi's game. They went straight home for some rest, and relaxed and took a nap for the rest of the afternoon. Fred arrived back home this evening, and Elaine was excited to see him. Hopefully, the house sleeps soundly tonight and gets back on schedule!!

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