Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Elaine had another very productive day! She woke up this morning feeling a little down, and discouraged after someone telling her that it would take three years for her to recover from her stroke and her frozen shoulder. All of us that know her, and have watched her closely over the last 10 months, were quick to remind her of how far she has come. We have thrown stats and statistics out the door since the day this happened. She has defied all odds from the beginning and she continues to. There is no one that works harder or more diligently than she does!

Staci picked her up for therapy this morning and witnessed a great session. Her arm/shoulder are doing amazing and she continues to be able to move it more and more. Watching Little Darlin' move is truly a incredible. They worked a lot on her walking today. She is trying to keep her left arm straight as she walks, since it wants to curl up. It seems another revelation was discovered today. She is not confident baring significant weight on her left leg. She is going to work a lot over the next few weeks on balance, balancing on one leg, balancing on one leg while bending her knee, and balancing on one leg while kicking the other on in and out. The first few times she tried it, she was very unsteady, and she was gripping on to the counter with all her might, even with her left hand! As they practiced, and become more comfortable and confident, she eased up and also became much more balanced. As Staci watched, she was reminded again of how lucky Elaine was to have been in such good shape before this happened. Her muscle memory comes back as it gets triggered more and more. She works so hard, and never says no to an exercise.

After her workout, Staci and Elaine went to lunch. Elaine truly doesn't remember that literally her "dummy arm" was just that, and it didn't do anything! Elaine picked up a straw today and opened it with BOTH hands. Staci stopped her, to notice this accomplishment. Elaine didn't think much of it, but it was awesome. Its the little things we notice, and she really does get better and better. Elaine helped pick up Taylor from school today and even had a tour of the classroom. Taylor's teacher shared with her that she once had a frozen shoulder too and related to the pain!

Elaine went home to relax, do the stretcher. She then went to the gym and rode the bike for 40 minutes! Yes, you read that correctly. Fred is definitely wearing off her. It seems that the word, "moderation" doesn't apply to them!

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