Thursday, October 11, 2012


Elaine had a fun day today. She went to lunch with Shirley and Maureen. They took her to lunch at the Dock on the water. Elaine had never been there and loved it and was so happy to be out with her friends. After they finished lunch, they headed to Rogers Garden to look at the holiday decorations. Elaine was very tired and asked them to bring her home after that. They did forget to take a picture too!

She had a wonderful time and is so grateful for such great friends. The pain in her shoulder was a little better then its been the last few days today and she did her torture stretcher all three times today. She has grown to love icing her shoulder as well. It was definitely an acquired habit, that now she depends on. She skipped the bike after 40 minutes yesterday though! They were in bed early, watching the debates and heading to sleep!

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