Saturday, October 13, 2012


This picture tells the story of how well Elaine is progressing with her shoulder! Its amazing. Her shoulder was sore today, but seeing how well it is moving, its understandable. We are so proud of her, and being over there for the morning round, it is evident how dedicated Fred is as well. He is in there encouraging her, cheering her progress, and making sure she does everything right! He found a new neck wrap for her while she's icing, and she likes it too. She skipped the gym, she was sore from yesterday and her arm was sore.

Fred and Elaine came to cheer on the butterflies(Taylor's team) this morning as well. The walk from the car to the field isn't a cake walk. They even dressed in the teams colors! Christi and Ben are away this weekend camping, so we missed the Green Machines game. Taylor was so excited to have everyone at her game though. Thank you Chirsty for the yellow hair clip and thanks Plote's for the shirt:)

Fred and Elaine enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of football and being home. Elaine even started her Christmas shopping this afternoon! Yes, she is still Elaine:) Don't we all wish we could be so organized!

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