Wednesday, January 2, 2013


We are all anxious for tomorrow and ready for Fred to have his procedure. The Smiths are in good spirits and Elaine is buzzing around town! Elaine looks great! She is clear headed and medication free, we are proud to announce! She went through some aches and pains like a champion, but is ready to resume her role as Fred's caretaker! She has been going to Pilates for her appointments and on her own to ride the bike. Fred has done all his necessary prep work, and has his package of post op surgery goodies. He is very optimistic, as we all are!

We are asking for another favor tonight. The love, prayers and concern you have showed  Fred and Elaine are so appreciated! We ask that you please add Ben's father, Larry to them as well. He is in the hospital as well, currently in ICU. He has a horrible case of pneumonia, one of the worst the hospital has seen. He is going on a ventilator tonight to give his lungs some rest. He is really struggling to breathe and has been wearing a very invasive oxygen mask and it is not giving his lungs enough of a break and they need to heal. Please say an extra prayer for him, as well as the whole Francois family. Thank you!

We are bring in 2013 with a BANG, but thinking our official "new year" begins on January 27th! A HUGE shout out to Dr. Barry Hackshaw who is Elaine's cardiologist, Fred's phone mate a few times a week (discussing Elaine's ever changing INR level), and is also overseeing Larry in the hospital, acting as both a doctor, and most importantly, a friend. It is rare to find someone like Dr. Hackshaw in the medical world and we are so grateful to have him on our side!!

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