Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It was a big day at the Smith house. Fred went to the doctor as scheduled to get his catheter removed. It has been a trying week since his procedure, but he has done exceptionally well given his circumstance.

They did tell him today that the cancer in prostate was "outside the margin" or outside the organ. The surgeon saw that/suspected that during the operation and believes that he got it all. However, just to be sure, Fred will get blood tests every five weeks to check for evidence that it spread beyond the prostate.

After two trips to the doctor, Fred and Elaine headed over to True Foods with Richie and Julie for relaxing and healthy dinner.

We can't believe that is has been a week since Fred's operation. He was a pillar of strength suffering through his procedure and the aftermath without complaint. We are incredibly impressed by his strength!

Of course, he had a great role model in Elaine. The last 11 months haven't been easy, but she has clawed her way back to her old life. It won't be long before she is at the grocery store twice a day just like old times! :).

Fred and Elaine have had more than their share of crap thrown their way, but they have persevered and are thriving! We are so proud of them!

In other news, we are happy to report that Ben's dad is finally off the breathing machine and is recovering well (though slowly) in ICU. He should be moving to the regular floor tomorrow and be home soon after.

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