Thursday, January 3, 2013


The day started very early for us all. Elaine found Fred in the in the kitchen at 11:58pm devouring what was left of the ice cream. She said, "Fred you can't eat past midnight." He said, "I have two more minutes left and I am eating until 12!" He did too. It was a sleepless night, as you can imagine. Richie(also known as the greatest brother ever) picked Fred up at 5:30am. They checked into the hospital and Ben and Staci weren't far behind. Richie had Fred laughing and helped keep him calm, although Fred remained in good spirits during pre op.

Fred was anxious for his "juice." There was a slight delay.  Fred did forget to take off his "Love" bracelet that requires a screwdriver. The nurses were scrambling to find screwdrivers. Fortunately, Ben became MacGyver, and used a clip he found in his briefcase to get it off. Even the doctors were impressed:)

They wheeled him back about 7:30 am to start the procedure. It took longer than the 3 1/2-4 hours they excepted. They finished about 12:30. It went really well. His prostate was very enlarged, that is why it took longer. They had to go very slow with the robot at times, but they got it all. They got plenty of nodes to sample, and we should know the results next week. It appears to be contained to the prostate. Everything went as well as we could hope today. He was very sleepy all afternoon and evening. He did get up and walk tonight, and is ready to come home! He didn't have any pain this evening, his only source of discomfort are his eyes. They are burning and swollen. It is from the surgery, and the position of his head, likely because it took longer than anticipated. We are hopeful the medicine will not wear off until morning, and he has a restful night of sleep. 

Elaine was exhausted tonight. It was a long day. She was happy not to be the one in the hospital bed this time, but we are hoping to stay away from hospitals for the rest of the year. Elaine has been unusually tired, and cold. She walks around in a ski parka all the time. They did some blood work today to make sure everything is ok. She was relieved to have the day over and ready to take care of Fred! 

Thank you to everyone for your love, prayers, and concern. We are so grateful! Thank you for your prayers for Larry as well. After Fred was out, and Ben was able to see him, he headed to the desert to visit his dad in the hospital. Please continue to keep him in your prayers a well. Much love from the Smith and Francois Family and a HUGE thank you to Richie and Julie, who yet again, have come to our rescue! We are hopeful that we will be able to bring Fred home tomorrow afternoon. 

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  1. So VERY thankful to get such a good report of Fred's surgery. Continuing to keep all situations in prayer.