Monday, January 21, 2013


Fred and Elaine had a full house of the long weekend! They were both exhausted last night after a fun day of football, swimming, bike rides, and golf cart rides. Elaine went into the jacuzzi, hoping that would help her shoulder pain. Unfortunately, it didn't help, but the kids had fun having her outside with them.

Elaine worked out in the gym with Greg today. Fred and Staci joined in towards the end. Elaine has had very manageable pain over the last month until the past few days. We are trying to figure out what it has flared back up. We also talked a lot about the next steps. Elaine has made tremendous progress over the past year. She literally learned to walk again. Elaine has built such a strong foundation, and basically started over. She has worked so hard to get to where she is now, and she is ready for the next step. Greg really wants to focus on her left arm, to keep it from curling up, which is naturally does when she isn't thinking about it. The more she does it, the faster her brain will retrain to be her natural position. He is also working on her step, keeping her foot pointed straight ahead and her step heel to toe. This is something she has been working on since learning to walk again, but now her muscles are stronger, and able to support her.

The exciting news for Elaine is that she is moving on from "stroke rehab" and onto more advanced exercises. Elaine really is going to focus on paying attention to her pain and finding that level to push herself, without getting in too much pain. Elaine is also going to ice and use heat a few times a day, a habit she has recently strayed from.

We are excited for Elaine, and for the progress she has made. She has three main goals about six months ago; to hold Brian, to drive, and to be able to golf. She is able to do two of the three, and we believe she will be golfing at some point soon, too. Nothing she ever does surprises us. She is a strong and remarkable woman. Elaine is taking life by the horns to be better then ever!

Fred is still having a fair amount of pain. Unfortunately, his bladder control is not improving, but he is optimistic, and practices his kegel exercises daily. Anyone that knows Fred, knows that he doesn't do anything half way, or work up to a goal. He tried to achieve it on the first day. He has been out walking, a little too much, but pushing himself. He sees his doctor in a month, so hopefully Fred will be able to show off to him by then. Fred and Elaine have been through so much, and we pray that things will settle down soon. We were so happy to spend the weekend with them. We never take a moment for granted.

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