Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The Smiths made it to the desert yesterday. They are thrilled to be back "home" with so many close friends, and hopefully some warmer weather. Elaine went to the gym to work out this morning and then ran some errands, yes, she drove in her car:) We still are so excited to mention that!

Fred is hanging in there too, and not complaining. Fred is so strong and such a fighter, too! He spent the morning at the hospital with Ben's dad, Larry. We are reaching out to you all for your thoughts and prayers again for Larry. He is still in the hospital. He has been through so much, and they still aren't able to figure out what he has. They are going to do a lung biopsy in the morning. We are cautiously optimistic that they will find out what type of infection or disease he has. We are asking for your thoughts and prayers for Larry that they will find out what he has so they can treat it accordingly.

He has been in the hospital since December 25th, and they still don't know what is wrong. He has been put through hell, including being on a respirator and feeding tube while also being treated with various antibiotics and steroids. He is a strong man, surrounded by lots of love from his family and friends. We know he can overcome this, we just need to know what he is fighting. As we have said before, we are so humbled and appreciative of your love, support, and prayers. We are asking you to extend them to Larry and Vicki during this difficult time.

The Smith and Francois families have certainly been tested over this past year, but they have learned that love, care, and support from family and friends is the most important thing there is. We have tried to wave the white flag, but so far, to no avail. We are still waiting to celebrate January 27th though, in hopes that it is our New Year!  We feel fortunate to have in our lives people that care, and that everyone is still here, and that we are surrounded by love.

Fred and Elaine have been exceptional role models to us all. They have defined true love, they have overcome the odds that have been stacked against them (several times), and they have given every single person hope. They are our inspiration, they are our leaders, and while we know they draw strength from us, we draw so much strength from them! They make the impossible seem possible. No one asks to be sick, or to be dealt the misfortunes that we all will face at some point. Fred and Elaine have shown us through love, determination, perseverance, and will, anything is possible. They have handled it with courage, strength, and prepared to fight!

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