Monday, January 7, 2013


We are so proud of Fred as he not only kicked cancer's butt, but he is also pushing himself to take long walks and keep moving. He feels really good, although his stomach looks like he got in a massive fight. His entire right side is black and blue. This is likely attributed to the dancing lesson he tried to give in recovery. Fortunately, it looks much worse than it feels. He is well on his way to 100%. He even ditched the bucket today and strapped on the smaller bag. We are so thankful his recovery is going so well.

The Smiths had a great night of sleep as well. Elaine continues to work hard. She had Pilates today, but went early to the gym so she could ride the bike. She is really progressing and her instructor is thrilled with her progress and the muscles she is building on her left side.

In other news, Elaine is exhausted all the time. We have tested her blood, and everything came back normal. The conclusion we have come to, is that everything she does takes SO much effort for her. While Elaine has made incredible progress, everything she does is hard on her. Getting out of a chair, tying her shoes, taking a plate to the sink, these are little things we do without thinking. These are things Elaine had to learn to do again, all the while still having her body ache from head to toe. She doesn't complain, and she is without pain medication. We are hopeful the pain will subside soon. We have been told the the neurological pains typically stop after about a year. Fred said he is so inspired by Elaine and all she is and has gone through. It quickly put in perspective his recovery.

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