Saturday, January 5, 2013


Fred continues down the first few steps on the road to recovery following his surgery two days ago. He mostly rested today, and is feeling pretty good overall. Of course, he is experiencing some soreness in his abdomen and shoulders (shoulders because of the odd position he was in during the procedure). 

The Francois family came by this morning to drop off coffee and bagels. Elaine was already out at Pilates on her own. When she came back home, we realized that it can take a village to clean a catheter!  After everyone was situated, Fred led the whole family on a walk around the neighborhood! 

There were some questions about the purpose of Fred's bucket. It is the carrying case for the catheter bag. Not pleasant, but now you know! In related news, the doctor told Fred that the bag would last 12 hours. The doctor was wrong. Fred learned that and fixed that at 4 am this morning. Mr. Independent! 

Hopefully, everyone gets some sleep tonight and the bucket doesn't get too messy!

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