Thursday, January 10, 2013


Another day closer to full recovery for Fred. He is not all the way there, but he has a great attitude about it all.

Elaine went to lunch at the club with Staci and Brian this afternoon. They ventured out despite what we Southern Californians would consider a very cold day! So cold, in fact, that Elaine dressed like she was going skiing! See the evidence below!

After lunch, our old friend Greg stopped by the house to see Fred and Elaine. Greg was happy to see that Fred was doing well. He was even happier to see that Elaine had come so far since he last saw her. He was so impressed that she was driving and that she back to her old self. Greg asked Elaine when she was going to make him her world famous chocolate chip cookies. He will be waiting!

Fred and Elaine's friend Bob C stopped by to check on the Smiths. They are so grateful to have such caring friends. This evening, Richie and Julie came by the house to make burgers and relax!

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