Thursday, January 17, 2013


Big Thursday in the desert! Fred and Elaine visited Larry in the hospital early in the day. They both said he is looking much better and was considerably stronger. Keep your fingers crossed that the improvement continues and he gets to go home soon.

Elaine stayed busy with a workout with her trainer and a lunch at the Palm Court with her girlfriends. It was an active day, and she was definitely feeling some pain in her shoulder this evening. But, as usual, she fought through her pain all day and even went out to dinner!

Fred was equally as active today. He even went to the driving range. He started with putts, moved to chips, graduated to pitching, and even went for full swings. Quite a progression.

Ok. Ben is taking over here to tell a quick story about Fred. They warned Fred that he might have a few bizarre dreams that may be sexual in content. Well, that prediction sort of came true. Here's the dream:

Fred was at his friend Jerry's house. Jerry is a movie producer so there are all kinds of celebrities always running around his house. Well, on this particular day, Fred's very favorite celebrity, Halle Berry, was visiting Jerry. Like most women, she was instantly attracted to Fred (please keep in mind that this is Fred's dream). She made some eyes at Fred. Fred made some eyes at her. Eventually, she couldn't hold herself back any longer. She invited Fred to take a walk out on to the patio. Fred knew that this was his lucky day - and Halle's, too (remember this is his dream so he can believe that). Anyway, they get outside. Halle looks at Fred with her smoldering brown eyes. Then she makes her move. She takes one hand and grabs is face ready to kiss him. She takes the other hand and grabs his behind. . . . . 

But wait! Oh no!  What does she feel back there?

"Fred, what is this? Are you wearing a . . . diaper?" she asks tentatively. 

What can Fred do but be Fred and reply, "Sorry Halle. I don't think this is going to work out!"

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