Monday, July 2, 2012


We were all relieved to hear that the neurologist was not worried at all by the swelling in her foot. He is quite certain it is because of the botox. He gave her a exceptionally large dose last week because of the severity of her toes. He was thrilled with the results and thinks it is going to continue to help. Elaine was anxious to have more, but he wanted to wait at least another week and see how the swelling looks. In other exciting news, his wife suffered from similar leg cramps that Fred experiences and he is confident he can help him as well! It was an exciting day for the Smith family.

We just returned home from a great dinner at Mastro's with the Brownstein family. Each and every Brownstein has been an extraordinary friend to Elaine and the entire Smith / Francois family. They all call and email and text to check on us almost every single day. We are blessed to have friends like them.

Tonight was a celebration of health for both families. Obviously, we love to celebrate Elaine's remarkable progress and her continued will to get better every day. We also were celebrating the fact that Callae is healthy after a long and difficult battle with brain cancer. It was a true pleasure to spend the evening with such incredibly strong and beautiful women.

It was a late night for everyone. They finally rolled us out of the restaurant after we ate one of every dessert (and 2 butter cakes). We couldn't remember the last time Elaine was out until after 10PM. We hope she sleeps well and sleeps in. After polishing off a pecan pie on his own, we hope Fred gets over his sugar high and gets some rest, too.

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