Thursday, July 12, 2012


Elaine kicked off the day with a two-hour therapy session at Hoag. Plus she and Fred got massages from a lady with a bird. We know that sounds pretty odd so we included this picture to prove it.

Later, Elaine went out to fight the weather and got out thereto play some golf. We generally do not expect to see rain in July in Newport Beach, but it sure came down today - and is raining again as we write this. It may be the rain and cooler weather that contributed to the pain she was feeling all day in her arm and leg. Despite the pain, she toughed it out and played nine holes with Fred and Staci. She also drove the cart for practice. She was certainly not 100% today with the additional pain, but she sure looked great out there. Here is a video of her hitting driver off the tee.

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