Saturday, July 14, 2012


Elaine kicked off the day with the Paul and a two-hour therapy session where they worked on a spectrum of exercises including some work on strengthening her left arm.

Something is definitely working. After a nice family lunch at Big Canyon, Elaine, Fred, Staci, Ben, and Christi went out to play nine holes. It was easily Elaine's best golf day! She was amazing; hitting the ball further and higher than ever. She spent more time and effort lining up putts (therefore improving those putts dramatically). Check out this damn fine swing!

Unfortunately, Elaine did not any driving practice on the golf course. Instead, Christi handled all driving duties for Elaine while Fred mostly walked. It was incredible to see the two musketeers (one only 8 years old and one a non-stop giggler) cruising all over the golf course. Christi did an excellent job as chauffeur and is looking forward to doing that again soon. 

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