Tuesday, July 10, 2012


What a great day!! Elaine had her first day with very little pain in Little Darlin' and she is feeling good! She went to Hoag for her two hours of therapy. She started with PT and worked again primarily on her walking. Reiterating what the doctor said yesterday, with the amount of spasticity she has in her left leg, it will be impossible to walk without a hitch. He really believes that when he gives her the large dose of botox in 10 days, she will see a huge difference. After the enormous difference in her arm, just 24 hours later, we believe him! It's very exciting. Elaine was feeling like this was as good as it was going to get, while she is extremely grateful for all that she has accomplished and how far she has come, she wants more and is willing to work to get there. The promise of what is to come is exciting and especially to have some pain relief!

After PT, she worked on OT and got a little preview of what the driving test will be like next week. It is up to 45 hours long!!! It sounds like there is some time spent in a simulator, creating distractions for her as well. She will also spend time in a car, the good old fashion drivers' ed car, where both she and the instructor will have a control of the car. The OT feels like she should do well on the test and is ready for it. Her biggest challenge will be to stay focused the whole time and not get sidetracked. The therapist also gave her some brain teasers to work on at home.

Fred and Elaine then had a nice lunch and headed to see the internist. He did a thorough exam and is very impressed and pleased with her progress. She continues to make remarkable strides and he is optimistic about her continued recovery. We are so proud of Elaine, and Fred. This is quite a journey they are on and they continue, together, to keep working towards a full recovery. We are really excited about the botox, trying not to focus on the fact it wasn't offered to her before and only because of Fred's persistence, and finding a new doctor, did it even happen! It makes all the difference in the world to have such a strong advocate.

In other exciting news, Fred's legs seem to be responding to his new medical treatment. He has had two great nights of sleep!! The week is off to a great start in the Smith house!!

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