Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Elaine is exhausted after her big day today! The drivers assessment test went very well! She did well on the written and verbal part. One funny story to share. They asked her to draw a clock. She drew it perfectly according to Fred.

The lady administering the test said, "Do you see how much space you have between the 10 and 11?"
Elaine: "I was trying to make sure the 12 and 6, and the 3 and 9 were across from each other."
Tester: "You have a few inch difference between the gap of these two numbers."
Fred: "well what difference does that make. She drew the clock, all the numbers are correct and in the right area. Who cares if the spacing is slightly off. You aren't handing her a ruler."
The test lady did agree but quickly decided Fred would not be accompanying them on the driving portion of the assessment.

After she did a vision test and then they headed into the car. She did GREAT and the tester was very impressed. It was her recommendation that they work on two things before Elaine drives. Her perception is off. She favors the left side of the road and the lane. They are going to make an appointment with a special neurologist that will do some more extensive testing and then give her some exercises to help improve her perception issues. She also needs to get in the habit of using her perfectly capable left hand to turn on the turn signal. She would remove her right hand from the wheel, and use the turn signal. The lady giving the test feels 100% confident that Elaine will be driving again. She wasn't able to give her an exact timetable, if it would be a month or 6 weeks of even 8, but it is in the near future and she will absolutely be able to. She if going to take a few driving "lessons" after she sees the doctor so she feels completely comfortable. It was a big day and a very positive step towards recovery. Driving was not something we initially thought she would ever do again! Its really exciting for us all, especially Elaine, that she will again soon!

The test was emotionally and physically exhausting for her. They lady also showed her several new stretches to help with her arm. Elaine didn't want to take a pain pill and drive, so she was in a lot of pain by the afternoon after all the movement and stress. She relaxed this afternoon at home.

Today, Fred, Elaine, Staci, Ben and Cece went to dinner at the club and enjoyed a beautiful night on the patio. Elaine really enjoyed the company. She is ready for bed tonight, that is for sure!

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