Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Elaine had an eventful day, as always. She started off with therapy. We are trying to figure out why her arm is still hurting so badly. It also seems like because of the botox, she has lost some muscle. She is tired as well! She plugged through therapy, continuing to do really well despite her discomfort.  After that, Staci and the kids picked her up to take her to have her hair done. Since it seems Fred and Elaine don't do much without the other, Fred decided to join Elaine and get his haircut by Laura as well. She did a great job on them both and we all just adore her!

They headed straight to the pool to cheer on Christi at the swim meet. Tonight is very exciting, Christi is having her first sleep over since Nammie had her stroke. She is having her belated birthday sleepover, which means Nammie has to serve Christi breakfast in bed:) Elaine was feeling ready and excited to have her. Christi was guessing Nammie would probably be in bed first! I think that is a safe bet!

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