Monday, July 9, 2012


Elaine woke up this morning extremely stiff and feeling like someone is holding on to her limbs, preventing them from moving. This has been happening a lot lately and is impacting her ability to get a full night of rest as well. She said to Fred, "I wonder if this is just how it is going to be from now on."

As you know, Fred doesn't just rest on his laurels, he wanted to get to the bottom of this. Elaine had her two hour therapy session with Paul. He also agreed that her mobility has become increasingly more limited lately and its impacting her walking.

After that, they went to see the doctor, seeking some answers. They went to see the neurologist. He did an evaluation on her arm and was very surprised to see how stiff it was. He doesn't believe that this will last forever and does believe that botox will really help. So he injected her in three places in her arm. We are hoping this will help and ease her pain as well as increase her flexibility. Its hard to imagine the pain she is in 24 hours a day and has been for almost six months now. The pain and lack of sleep is wearing on her, yet she keeps trying, waking up each morning determined to make the most of each day. She keeps her head up, doesn't complain nearly as much as she is entitled to, and continues to inspire us and everyone around her.

Elaine goes back in 10 days for a large dose of botox in her left leg. She is very excited, especially after the incredible result she got from the botox in her toe. The neurologist also gave Fred some additional medication for his legs. He is determined and optimistic that he can help Fred as well. The Smith house is ready and deserving of some sleep - and pain free days and nights. We continue to appreciate all the love, and prayers that surround them daily from near and far. We are so grateful to everyone for their ongoing support.

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