Saturday, July 14, 2012


Elaine had a much deserved day off of therapy. Staci, Taylor, and Elaine had lunch together and enjoyed a fun afternoon. After lunch, they decided to go to South Coast to return a faulty purse Elaine had bought. It just so happens that this was the exact plan Staci and Elaine had the day Elaine had her stroke, they were going to meet for lunch at the mall and return the purse.

Staci has been having a week of reflection filled with "what ifs". Today, Elaine was deciding on a pedicure or going to the mall. Going to the mall brought all sorts of emotions for Staci specifically for the reason they were going. The experience for Staci was incredible. Obviously, the return is 6 months later than planed but given all that has happened, Staci was so incredibly grateful to be able to be there with Elaine. You can't help but think about "what if". We are so grateful that Elaine is alive. We are so grateful that she is of sound mind. We are are grateful that she is not in a wheelchair. Although Elaine is not feeling like the old Elaine just yet, it is amazing how far she has come! We are so grateful that she is a part of our lives. It in unthinkable to imagine it any different!!

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