Monday, July 16, 2012


The Smith house had a very restful night of sleep last night. Elaine woke up feeling good. Her foot is swollen again but we think its because she has been on it a lot and its been very warm here. She looks great and is feeling good. She had a day off of therapy since Paul was away at a conference. She took to a little retail therapy and enjoyed lunch with Fred, Freddie, Staci, and Brian. She spent the afternoon relaxing at home with her grandkids, while Staci was trying to have Elaine put her feet up. That is never an easy task.

Fred and Elaine went to Roy's for dinner and then Elaine went to bed early tonight. She has her driving test in the morning.  Its not a driving test at the DMV, it is more of a driving assessment, but it does last 4 hours. We are unclear about what exactly happens or what it means, but we know she will do her best. She is a little nervous but we all have total confidence in her and her abilities! She is an amazing women that has come so far and that is just another way to measure areas of improvement and weakness. We know you will all be wishing her luck tomorrow and we thank you for it. It means the world to her!

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