Sunday, July 8, 2012


Elaine started her Saturday with a short massage to loosen her muscles up and prepare them for a serious two-hour therapy session with Paul. She performed exceptionally well today at therapy and was quite serious about her exercises. So serious, in fact, that Paul mentioned to her that he sort of missed her giggling fits! He should have been around later when the Francois kids came by. She went into a full-scale giggle attack!

Paul had her working on two incredibly important things that could have dramatic long-term effects. The first task is for Elaine to focus on packing equal weight on both feet. The second thing she needs to really work on is getting rid of the hitch she has when she walks. This needs to be a major point of focus for her. For one thing, the hitch could end up being permanent. Plus, the hitch is really hard on her hip and could lead to a hip replacement. Seems like pretty strong motivation to get rid of that hitch!

Elaine's foot has really been bugging her lately. Fred's solution was to take her shoes and, using a pocket knife, cut a hole in all of her shoes where the pain is. Luckily, Staci got over there and used mole skin directly on her foot instead of carving up shoes! 

After the Francois family left, Fred and Elaine had the best time at a small party at the Rountree's house with Bowies, Furmans, and CeCe.  

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