Thursday, August 2, 2012


The day began with more doctors appointments. This morning Fred and Elaine went to see the neurological ophthalmologist. She did another evaluation of her eyes. She said she needed a different type of glasses, so she now has two new pairs. In addition, she signed up to work with a therapist twice a week for the next month. Fred and Elaine aren't sure about this process and think it might just be a racket, but they are going to give it a try.

After they met with the doctor, they went home to meet with the nurse that gave them the splint. It hasn't been fitting properly on Elaine's little elbow and arm. She gave them a new pad and it is fitting better now. Elaine worked up to twenty minutes today, three times. She said she was sore today from it, but a good sore and feels like its already helping! Here is a picture from her session first thing this morning!

Staci and the kids picked up Elaine for lunch and shopping at the mall. The girls conned Elaine into all sorts of trinkets, and ice cream. There is no question that all three of the kids have inherited both grandparents knack for shopping. Here is Christi with her new glasses, Taylor with her snap watch, and even Brian trying on new glasses (which Staci did draw the line, Brian getting teen glasses:). The girls waltzed through the mall, each with Nammie's hand. They were so excited, while Brian was saying, "hold you Nammie, hold you." That means hold me in Brian language. 

Elaine started to taper off the Coumadin today. Tomorrow Elaine and Fred go to the doctor for Fred to learn how to give Elaine blood thinner injections! We have decided its a very good thing Fred is retired!

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