Friday, August 24, 2012


Elaine is seeing progress! She went to therapy this morning and her arm therapist could not believe how well she was doing. Her progress in just two days was astonishing. It was a very exciting morning for everyone. The therapist reminded Elaine that it is a long process and will take another 12-18 weeks. We don't care about timelines. We just hope for progress and less pain!

Staci and the kids came to pick up Nammie for her afternoon beauty appointments. Elaine was so excited about her appointment, she even gave the girls a high five with little darlin'. Elaine spent a big chunk of her day at the salon with her friends at Textures. They were so sweet to her and Laura even brought her home after she did her hair. We are so thankful for how well they treat her!

Fred and Elaine had a wonderful dinner with Ron, Michelle, Bob, Cristy, Terry, and Jana, tonight at Big Canyon. Elaine is working so hard and we hope that this progress continues. She certainly deserves it!

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