Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Elaine slept pretty well last night. Fred and Elaine are continuing to work on the pain management. It is going pretty well. Elaine had another good session with the arm therapist. She said Elaine's shoulder is still very swollen and they need that to subside. She believes they are breaking through the scar tissue though. Its a long process. There is no science or any way to know exactly how long it will take. Today, she told Elaine she thinks it will take 18 weeks. Elaine has a great attitude about it. She said she doesn't care how long at this point, just wants it to get better.

Fred and Elaine met with the head of Neuroscience yesterday. He was the doctor that was called that morning in the ER. He was thrilled and amazed to see Elaine doing so well. He said if you live through the type of stroke Elaine had, most people are very limited with their mobility.  They certainly don't have the dedication, determination, drive, or attitude that Elaine does. She is a model stroke patient (if there there is such a thing). She is an inspiration to all and a story that gives people hope and will be told! He said he has never seen a person so loved. He was really excited to see her progress and he feels she will make a full recovery.

Elaine rested this afternoon. We are so proud of the effort she is making to lay down and relax. She is also, much to her dislike, icing every few hours. Hopefully, this will help the swelling. Elaine surprised Fred tonight by grilling the fish for dinner. As they were finishing up, Staci and the kids stopped by for a quick hello and entertainment. Brian was throwing the arm weights, and the girls were playing baseball in the house. It was a lot of excitement for the Smith house at 7pm! We got out of there quickly so Elaine could get ready for bed and get some rest.

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