Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Elaine slept well and was up early to do the torture chamber. Yesterday, her arm therapist couldn't believe how much she had improved and is marveling at her dedication. She can't believe that she doesn't ever call and cancel. She also can't believe that Elaine actually does the arm stretcher three times a day for thirty minutes. She said she has never met anyone like her. She is so pleased with her progress in such a short time and adores Elaine.

Staci picked Elaine up for eye therapy this morning. She had a good session. Oddly enough, it appears that her right eye is the one that gives up when she has trouble. Last Thursday, she had a rough session and her eyes weren't working together at all. Today, they worked really well together, until the right eye was tired. When that happens, you literally can watch her eye start wandering, while her left stares straight ahead. She said this could have started before her stroke even, but there is no way of knowing. Elaine continues to go twice a week to build up her endurance in both eyes.

The most exciting part for Staci was to see Little Darlin'. She was pointing at the paper, her arm raised to almost shoulder level. The really neat part was that just her arm moved. Until recently, when you asked her to move Darlin', her whole body would move, trying to get her left arm to move. She would swing her neck left so hard trying to will it to move. Those of you that have played golf with her, and watched her putt, can imagine this since she twists her entire body trying to guide the ball into the hole as its rolling.

After eye therapy it was back home for round two with the arm stretcher and ice. Another exciting thing worth mentioning, the swelling in her arm is almost gone. That means that the scar tissue is starting to break up!

Staci and Elaine went to lunch before her heart doctor appointment. When we walked in the office the whole staff marvels at how well she is doing. The doctor she sees was the one that was called to see her in the hospital and he is so proud of her. He looks at her in admiration, and he calls her kid, which Elaine loves. She doesn't have to go back for 6 months and her heart hasn't been in A-Fib in the last 6 weeks, and only twice, for a very short time, since her stroke. This is also great news!

Elaine was tired this afternoon and was going to relax the rest of the day and get in bed early. She has therapy in the morning and its also blood draw day so they have to get up early to get the stretcher, blood, breakfast, and a shower in before their 9am appointment. Elaine does more during the day than a healthy person, and certainly works harder than anyone I know!

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