Thursday, August 30, 2012


No surprise here. Elaine had an incredibly busy day - again. 

It included a tough start in which Fred and Elaine had some trouble finding blood for the INR test. Then, they headed to eye therapy. Elaine showed dramatic improvement from just last week. Elaine, Fred, and the therapist were so impressed with Elaine's effort and progress.

Following therapy, Fred and Elaine stopped by the doctor for the INR test. The results from the INR level led the Doc to slightly increase Elaine's Coumadin level. He also suggested that Elaine drink more water!

In happier news, Diana and Mike are in town for a visit. Elaine and Diana took on Fashion Island for a few hours this afternoon while Fred and Mike caught up at home. Once they reconvened, they all enjoyed a huge feast at home followed by an early night to bed! 

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