Saturday, August 4, 2012


Just call him Dr. Fred! He officially learned how to give a shot today, and he actually gave Elaine her Lovenox injection this morning and is prepared to do so for the next week! Elaine said she didn't feel a thing either. He really does wear many hats these days!

Elaine joined Staci and her kids, and Jaimie and her boys, at the pool for lunch and to watch the kids swim. They had a fun afternoon and Elaine enjoyed catching up with Jaimie.

They then headed over to Elaine's to see her house. The kids were especially excited to raid the lazy susan that Elaine has loaded with goodies. We managed to escape the house without breaking anything or turning the carpet orange from little cheeto hands. Jaimie was so happy to see Elaine and loved seeing how well Elaine was doing. This was the text Staci received this evening from Jaimie. "It was so great to see your mom! It was very therapeutic for me to see her and see how far she has come. I know she had a hard day, but she still got out of bed and faced it. Which is more admirable that she realizes. She still looks stunning too:)"

Fred and Elaine are enjoying a quiet night at home and hopefully Elaine can rest. She did her arm splint for 25 minutes, three times today, and the intensity (stretching her shoulder back) was turned up. She can definitely feel the difference, especially after. She is sore! She continues with Paul tomorrow for more therapy, and a visit from her new, and favorite, doctor,  Fred!

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