Thursday, August 16, 2012


Elaine and Fred went to the neurologist this morning, hoping to get some guidance. The one thing they came away with is that Elaine has to get control of her pain. He looked at her shoulder again and saw all the swelling and quite frankly doesn't know how she is dealing with the pain. She puts up such a tough front and has a ridiculously high pain tolerance. Our hearts break for her, knowing the pain she is in. The doctor said it is such a painful thing to have, but he is confident they will unfreeze it. The biggest challenge now is pain management. They can't break the scar tissue until she gets her pain to a 3ish and right now its around an 8. He put some more botox in her toe to help them uncross again and also put a little in her arm. He said he wasn't sure it would help but it was worth a try to get her muscles to relax.

Elaine, per doctors orders, spent the rest of the day at home trying to relax and icing. Today was Taylor's birthday, so they came to birthday dinner at Islands! Taylor had both sets of grandparents to share her birthday with. It was a special night! Elaine is incredible and we wish so badly we could do something to help ease her pain. She doesn't complain and still lies when you ask her hows she's doing.  She is as tough as they come!

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