Thursday, August 9, 2012


Elaine had a great day today! Elaine and Fred went shopping for new golf clothes this morning and had a wonderful time! Elaine was in her element! After the shopping trip, they met Staci for lunch. Fred and Staci played golf while Elaine rode around with them and kept score! Elaine looked so cute today! It was so fun to have her out there with us and looking like herself. Her arm was feeling much better today too. It started getting more sore by the end of the afternoon, but it felt much better than yesterday and her range of motion continues to increase. Shh don't mention it to her, but she was even using her left hand while she was driving today:

We picked the girls up from camp after and we headed to Nammie's for a few minutes. They wanted to see her arm in her stretcher. They weren't quite sure why it hurt Nammie to put her arm in but they believed her. You wouldn't know by the way they were climbing on her though!

A big congratulations to her twin cousins, Elaine and Joanne, who won their golf tournament in Ogden, Utah today. They wore pink in Elaine's honor and sent this great photo!

Elaine's continues to amaze and inspire us!

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