Saturday, August 4, 2012


It has been a long day today. Elaine and Fred are both tired from minimal sleep, hard therapy, and ever present pain. Well, their day is about to get longer! They have a special guest tonight. Brian is staying over with Nammie and Ampa while the rest of the Francois family camps out on the first fairway of Big Canyon (we know, it is not exactly roughing it).

Today is just another example of life getting back to normal for Elaine. We are so proud of her! Brian is ecstatic about his sleepover. He has been asking all day, "Nana. Ampa. House. Nana. Ampa. House." We wish them luck chasing the little guy around the house.

As for therapy, it was another step forward for Elaine. Paul commented that he could see a real difference in the flexibility of the shoulder joint after just a short time with her shoulder stretching contraption. She used it again today three times for 20 minutes per session. The pain in her shoulder is equally as intense as it has been - no better but not really worse! Elaine is really fighting through the pain with an eye on the light at the end of this tough tunnel. She continues to impress as she battles through what is unimaginable to the rest of us!

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