Sunday, August 5, 2012


Operation Brian Sleeps Over was a total success. He couldn't stop saying how much fun he had over there and Fred and Elaine survived the night. 

Everyone went to bed reasonably early last night and were peacefully sleeping when out of nowhere at 7:30 AM, Christi and her friend Lucy rang the doorbell. They had walked up from Big Canyon clubhouse after camping out on the fairway. It was an unexpected but welcome wake-up call, and Christi once again proved that she will go to great effort to see her grandparents. 

After the commotion died down, Elaine spent some time in the shoulder-stretcher. It is a difficult exercise, but she is happy that her shoulder seems to be loosening up. Once it was loose, Fred and Elaine headed over to the driving range for some intense golf practice. Elaine did manage to sneak away to the pool where the Francois and Gibilisco families were spending the day. Kendra and Frank both commented on how wonderful Elaine looks and how impressed they were that she was hitting balls and that she walked all the way to the pool. She truly never ceases to amaze anyone with whom she comes into contact. Kendra echoed the sentiments of so many saying how "inspired she felt" after seeing Elaine. Following some visiting at the pool, Fred came by to say hello. Then, they headed off for a date at pasta night - once again joined at the hip!

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