Saturday, August 25, 2012


Happy Birthday Fred!!! Today was Fred's big day, and it was a wonderful day! Elaine and Fred didn't have a very good night of sleep, but Elaine managed to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. She wanted to do her arm stretcher first and then was going to make Fred breakfast. She was saved by a surprise knock at the door by Ben and the kids with coffee and bagels. While Elaine did therapy, Fred met the Francois family at his favorite lunch spot, Five Guys. Fred went back to pick Elaine up for some retail therapy and was happy to hear that she had a really great session with Paul, much to our surprise considering how tired she was combined with her new medications. They headed back to meet us at the mall for a bit before we decided Elaine and Brian needed a nap!

Ben and Fred went to hit some golf balls while the Francois girls decorated the house for Ampa's birthday. They were SO excited to come up with locations for the decorations. They even had a choreographed dance when Ampa arrived. The code was "Ampa Alert" when they saw his car drive up. The highlight was "Ampa" constructed from crate paper written on the wall.

It was a day to celebrate a man who is deserving of celebration, not just today, but everyday. He has always been the man I have most admired, and looked up to. He has always been my hero, for 35 years! The past 8 months he has shown more compassion, patience, love, strength, and dedication than anyone I have ever met, or read about. There is no question that Elaine is working as hard as anyone anywhere in the world, at anything. There is also, no question, she couldn't do it without the love, support, and encouragement she gets hourly from Fred. He never gets the credit he deserves and is constantly deflecting any praise or attention towards Elaine, if he isn't already bragging about her and her amazing progress already. They are an incredible team, and he is an incredible man. He is the type of man I hope my son, Brian Fred,  grows up to be like. Happy Birthday dad! 

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