Sunday, August 12, 2012


Life is all about the little things. Here is a quick story on one of those little things that made all the difference. There is a song with the line, "It's a great day to be alive." That is a refrain that we have been thinking non-stop about Elaine since the end of January. Today is Elaine's birthday and once again, we were so grateful that she is alive following her ordeal. That is the business as usual part. What was different today was that Elaine, for the first time, said out loud, "I am so happy that I survived!"

She went on to explain that she is so thankful that she is alive and that she will see her grandchildren grow up and get married. She cried tears of joy when Brian told her Happy Birthday this morning, her first birthday that he's been able to do that. She was overcome knowing that she could have missed that. It was big step for Elaine, and it is all part of getting better physically and emotionally.

We celebrated Elaine's big day in style. We started with breakfast on the sand at Crystal Cove and then moved on to beach for few hours while Fred and the kids played in the surf. Elaine got into the action as well, but she thought the water was a little chilly. Following the beach, the whole crew headed back to Fred and Elaine's for presents and cake. Elaine still loves those presents!

This evening, Elaine was the guest of honor at a wonderful birthday honor. There were incredibly nice words about friendship, about Fred, and especially about Elaine. It is widely recognized that she is one of kind and the most special kind of person who possesses unlimited courage in the face of any obstacle. Elaine - you are truly loved and you deserve to be more than anyone!

Happy Birthday!  (now get some rest!!!!)

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