Monday, August 13, 2012


Elaine had another busy day! She started off with her finger prick as she tries to get her INR level back to where it was before the injection. Fred did it three times and her blood was too thick,  they couldn't get enough out to get a reading. She had therapy with Paul for two hours. She even walked down the stairs twice today without holding on to the rail. It was the first time she has done that. She was nervous, but did it well!

She had a little downtime before her afternoon started. Fred and Elaine went to see the dr so he could test her blood. It was low so they gave her extra coumadin this afternoon and will continue with a higher dose for the next few days. Elaine then went to the physical therapist that works on her shoulder. She wouldn't let Fred watch so he sat in the waiting room. An hour later, Elaine walked out to find Fred sound asleep in a chair! He is as exhausted as she is. Elaine said the shoulder therapy went well. She didn't hurt her and actually said its important that she not to do things that hurt because it causes more swelling. She does have to do her stretcher though!

Tonight the Smith and Francois families went to Mastro's to celebrate Elaine's birthday with the kids. It was a wonderful night filled with steaks and butter cakes. We hope the Smith house is sound asleep, they are both exhausted!

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