Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Elaine is coming off two of her greatest days in a long time. She has made marked improvement, gaining more mobility in Little Darlin', and having her best eye therapy session yet. Elaine heard some popping and cracking today during the stretcher, on her own. She is able to raise her arms higher during her cane exercises and little by little, incorporating Little Darlin' into her life. Her arm is able to participate in Elaine's daily life more and more. Fred notices it the most! He was like a child on his birthday when he was bragging about how well Elaine has done the past few days. Its so rewarding for Elaine to see all of her hard work and dedication paying off. She certainly deserves it!!

Elaine celebrated a productive eye session by meeting Staci, Taylor, and Brian at Islands. Elaine's eyes were working together better than ever today. She was able to accomplish all her tasks and saw "what she should be seeing." It is really exciting. We are pretty sure she is also the only one that practices her "eye homework" at home. After lunch, they rushed home to have another round with the stretcher and the ice, then it was off to the movies!

Fred is back on his diet and showed such will power staring at us eating burgers and fries at Islands. He had his temptations tested even more, when they meet the Lanes' for a movie, and he wasn't able to enjoy popcorn!

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