Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Elaine and Fred went to the foot specialist today to figure out a solution for this bunion that is giving Elaine so many problems. She went there with the intention of scheduling a procedure to lop it off, but the doctor had other ideas. Apparently, it is too early to simply remove the bunion as it is still growing and would just grow back if removed now. Instead, the doctor has prescribed a custom orthotic with the goal of easing her pain. 

The doctor's other concern is Elaine's inability to flex her foot up at the ankle (point her toes up). The doctor plans to get to the bottom of this through some tests to determine cause which may be a frozen ankle or cause one. We'll know more next week. 

Enough of that medicine and onto the best medicine - laughter. Fred, Elaine, Ben, and Staci drove up to Hollywood this evening to enjoy an adult dinner and to watch the musical Book of Mormon. The play, though certainly offensive to some, was very funny and enjoyed by all four of us. More importantly, we had a great time out on the town together and it was so nice to Elaine walking down Hollywood Boulevard all dressed up! 

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